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Week 20 Project Update

Good morning! 2024 is rolling right along. The first of three HPU frames were delivered to the customer but, unfortunately, some issues were identified so it was taken back to the manufacturer for correction (Silver lining: more people are involved with this project on the customer side now that should of been included in the project from the start). There are talks of them purchasing a fourth unit as well in the near future.


The next item id like to go over is the ARU, a single control panel for 4 reactor units in a laboratory at our customers site in Kingwood, Texas. The panel was completed and shipped to the customer last week. The control panel has three 2" cable glands for all the different cables to snake out to their respective reactor units. We wired most of the cables directly to the Opto22 modules on the 15 position rack to save some space. Here's the fun part: the building that will house this laboratory (and eventually this panel) is not even built yet. Hopefully, the measurements from the customer (and our added lengths) will prove correct and installation will be a breeze. Come back in September to see how it went. The first ARU panel we built for this customer was back in 2015. That panel had to be designed to fit within the existing structure so we had to do some things (mounting devices and such) we wouldn't normally do. They also wanted the door to swing up and lock in place.

Myself and one FNG got this panel mounted and the cables routed and strapped in about an hour. Keep in mind that this first control panel is significantly smaller than the new one, so it'll take more people and time to install the new panel.


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