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New Panel Builds Incoming!


This week ACI will be starting two new panel builds. One is a pressure monitoring system to be used on an oil rig in Africa. The other is for a machine in an R&D lab with outdated controls and HMI. One will utilize an Opto22 PAC-R1 on one and the other, an Opto22 groov EPIC. Both will be equipped with custom software and HMI. Interesting thing about these panels is the absolutely opposite environments that they will be in when delivered to the customer. One will be subjected to the harsh conditions of an off shore oil rig in a distant ocean, the other will operate in a clean, climate controlled lab type environment here in Texas. Below you will find some photos of similar projects we have done in the past to give you an idea of what they may look like.

These two panels are just the first of many coming down the pipeline, so check back regularly for more updates on control panel builds. Our Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media pages will also be updated regularly regarding any new projects.


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