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Upgrading A Legacy HMI & Control System


An existing customer of ours out of the Houston, Texas area tasked us with upgrading the HMI and control system for one of there R&D process machines in their lab. The current system was iFIX and we needed to upgrade it to Opto22 Pac Control and Pac Display.

The first challenge we faced was getting a copy of all the legacy software and databases associated with this particular system and organizing it. Next was actually navigating through all the databases hunting for all the information we needed to interface to the existing system. After some hair pulling and some choice words, we migrated that over to Pac Control. Using an Opto22 Groov EPIC, any future updates or expansions will be easy and quick. This also gives them the Groov View option if they decide they want that in the future. Then it was time for the fun part, to reproduce the graphics from iFIX to Pac Display. Keeping to the same basic scheme they were use to using with iFIX, so no retraining for new HMI, we produced a fantastic, completely upgraded control system that met every requirement.

Though it would of been easy to say, "No, we would need to completely tear out the old control hardware and add all new gear", thus charging an extraordinarily high price, that's not how ACI operates. We are constantly looking for ways to cut down on cost for our customers. This is also beneficial to us in that it saves on time, decreasing our project turn around, allowing us to take on new projects faster. Ensuring we keep that customer for years to come.

Contact ACI today to upgrade your old control system to something more modern and user friendly. Email:


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