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500hp Pump Motor Safety Monitoring using Moor Industries TCM and Opto22


Problem: Current thermal monitoring and safety system for multiple 500hp pump motors for potable water distribution in the Lake Jackson, TX area is constantly falling short of its intended function. Solution? Rip and replace.

Using two Moore Industries TCMs, we are monitoring 32 temperature sensors inside the pump motors. It is communicating with the Opto22 PAC-R1 controller via HART protocol using the HES device to the left of the TCMs by converting HART to MODBUS TCP/IP.

As you can see below, the operator interface is easy and simple to use. The operator is able to bypass any faulty temp sensors without interfering with the others. Alarming and shutdown setpoints are configurable as well. Using this single HMI window gives the user a detailed status overview of the motor's thermal protection and monitoring. Since we implemented this system, no motors have been lost due to thermal overload, saving the customer hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of unplanned down time.

The temperature monitoring system is only one part of the entire control system upgrade. Below is a 'before (left) and after (right)' of the system ACI built and installed. Our system made that monstrosity on the door obsolete.


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