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Server Room Temperature Monitoring For Critical Network.


Problem: Critical server room HVAC drain line backed up and tripped the float switch, turning the A/C off to the room allowing the temp to rise until equipment failure. Taking the entire company network down.

On Wednesday ACI went over to Houston to set up a MONNIT temperature monitoring system for a server room. This wasn't an ACI product, it was an 'off the shelf' system we found that had a mobile app. The system consists of two parts: the gateway & the wireless sensor. The gateway is powered up and connected to a network where it can reach the internet, the wireless sensor (battery powered) then communicates the temperature to the gateway every 15 minutes (or whatever interval you desire). The gateway sends that data to its cloud where its accessible through the iMONNIT app or through their website. Critical thresholds are set within the app to send text messages and emails to designated personal when the temperature reaches those limits. Once we configured this system in the shop and function tested it, the actual installation time onsite was less than 15 minutes. Took longer to check in and get to the server room.

The mobile app is very simple to use as well. Allowing you to add many different types of sensors that are offered by MONNIT. In conclusion, I would say that the MONNIT system worked well for our application and would probably use it again if a customer had a similar need.


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