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Tribometer Control Panel Rebuild


What is a tribometer? A tribometer is a device that can simulate and measure the critical characteristics of friction and wear between two pieces of material. A customer came to us for a control system rebuild on their tribometer so we went to check it out. We were shocked that anything was even working by the state of the cobbled together panel. First we removed the control panel and took it back to our shop to begin disassembly. Once we removed all the devices and determined what we were going to reuse, a panel design was selected. The Opto22 and other missing parts were ordered and we started the build two weeks later. From the initial demo to rebuilt control panel installation took about a 1.5 months. Then the testing phase wrapped up in about 3 days. The end result speaks for itself and the customer was extremely happy with the rebuilt panel. Having a pre-designed panel, proper documentation and drawings makes future additions and troubleshooting a breeze. Unfortunately, the current supply chain delays occurring throughout every sector of our economy would make this build and installation take more like 3 months.



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