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You bought a machine and it never worked?


A company out of Houston, Texas contacted us with a problem: The machine they purchased last year has never worked. How is this possible you may be wondering. Well, we thought the same thing. Why would you accept a product that did not function as stated and STILL pay for it. The failures of large companies will never cease to amaze. Anyway, it is now on ACI to get this machine in proper working order. So we did.

First, we had the customer remove the control panel and send it to us, along with some spare automation equipment they had, so we could reuse most of the internal parts for the new system. This saved them a good bit of money. We had the door machined to accept a metal plate we had cut to mount the touch screen display (this replaced what was already mounted to the panel door).

Then we rebuilt the internal controls and added some missing parts that would give them the desired functionality they were looking for like sensor calibration. We also replaced the brains of the operation with Opto22.

After fabrication, we tested and calibrated the control system with our custom software and HMI interface then headed to the customers location to reinstall the newly rebuilt panel. Installation went smoothly and we had the equipment in production the next day. We also added the ability for remote support so we can troubleshoot any problems that may arise or upgrade the system with new software functionality.

If you had a similar situation occur at your company then contact ACI today to see if we can help you out.



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